The Universe: Fanfare for a Glorious King

My husband has the most wonderful imagination.  I LOVE this about him.  He likes creative story telling, science fiction, epic movies, and anything that will give his imagination a playground. This, of course, is also the source of some interesting conversations.  Today's topic of choice: Aliens. 

I won't walk down every trail we did tonight, but when it comes to aliens I have this soap box and I can't help but stand on it and shout.  There is a fairly popular line of reasoning that comes into play nearly anytime life on other planets is discussed.  It goes something like this: "The universe is enormous.  I just have a hard time believing that there isn't life out there." or "Why would God make something so big and only have little old us in it?" 


Flashback Friday: 9 Years at Pine Cove

Today marks my 9th anniversary at Pine Cove.  I can't help but be a little nostalgic - I mean, really...  I've spent a pretty crucial decade here.  I will never be the same because of what God has done in and through this place. 

I'll never forget how it all came to be. 


I'm Worried About the Children I Don't Have...

When you get a moment to yourself and all the world is quiet, what do you find yourself thinking about the most?  I have to confess, it's really easy for me to be mentally three steps ahead of where I actually am in life.  Part of that is how God wired me.  I'm a strategic thinker.  I like to plan ahead.  I want to see the bumps ahead and maneuver around them.  But part of that is the ever-lurking sin of anxiety that plagues my forever frantic female brain.


Keep Thinking

I was talking with a friend over lunch about women's discipleship.  There is a study currently being done on whether or not women's Bible study is a strong indicator of spiritual maturity (the study has not been published yet, I can't wait to read it).  What a great question!